Quaid Media specialises in user acquisition for mobile apps and games through TV advertising. Quaid Media wanted to create a piece of content that simply explained the benefits of TV as a means of app marketers acquiring new users. We came up with the idea of a short ebook using the popular list format to make it digestible and accessible to its readers – who were likely to be new to the idea of TV advertisers. A key aim was to use the ebook to dispel some of the myths around TV as a user acquisition channel.


Quaid Media


Create an ebook to support messaging around TV advertising for apps

What we did

Content Marketing, Copywriting, creative, PR

What we did

We decided to focus on 8 of the biggest positives for TV advertising for apps, which also corresponded to the most common questions from developers and brands. We used publicly-available research and data from organisations like Thinkbox, Google and Nielsen, and wrote, designed and produced the ebook in just a few weeks. We also worked closely with Quaid Media on the content release strategy, helping them design a email newsletter to their clients and prospects as well as implementing a comprehensive content launch checklist.

The results

The guide was extremely well received by Quaid Media’s client base as well as its prospects. The guide remains a core piece of content for Quaid Media, helping to increase the perception of them as leaders in app marketing on TV – as well as driving inbound leads.

Quaid is also planning to create a physical version of the ebook, using it at shows and conferences as a useful giveaway for prospects. The guide still lives on as a solid piece of SEO content, often appearing when people search for ‘TV app advertising’ and it still drives inbound marketing through long-tail SEO.