Quaid Media specialises in user acquisition for mobile apps and games through TV advertising. Quaid Media works largely with app publishers and developers who are well versed in mobile advertising but largely unfamiliar with the new world of TV advertising terminology. Quad Media wanted to find a way to help educate these clients.


Quaid Media


Create a book to help explain TV advertising terminology

What we did

Creative, Copywriting

What we did

We suggested to Quaid Media that we produce an A6 sized pocketbook that could be distributed digitally as well as printed and handed out at shows and events. We then developed the idea of a pocketbook of TV advertising terms. Quaid Media liked the idea and so we wrote the guide which our designers then produced.

The results

Client reception to the guide has been extremely positive with Quaid Media owning a useful piece of content that can be used for inbound marketing and long-tail SEO as well as a physical giveaway at events and shows.