Intoware, formerly known as Ikanos Consulting is a company exploring and delivering technology solutions to meet the rapid growth in demand for wearable technology for enterprises. Ikanos works with Fortune 500 companies, technology giants and household names in industries such as enterprise computing, oil and gas, logistics, construction, aerospace, defence and security.Towards the end of 2015, they decided that they needed a change of name and a whole brand refresh to better position themselves around a suite of new Enterprise products.




Website and rebrand

What we did

Creative, PR

What we did

We helped to drive the creative and decision process, identifying ‘Intoware’ as a name that captured aspects of what they do, namely, creating software that goes into wearable devices.We also project managed the creation of a new website, having first worked with the Intoware team to agree on the new wireframe and look and feel.

The results

The result was a fresh new name and logo with a contemporary, responsive site that helped increase Intoware’s standing in the eye’s of its potential customers. Formerly part of Nasdaq listed Kopin Corporation, Intoware became an independent business in October 2015

The team at Big Ideas Machine couple their clear understanding of our business with flexibility to support us across all of our PR and Marketing needs and have delivered outstanding results on all these fronts.

James Woodall, Intoware