Quaid Media specialises in user acquisition for mobile apps and games through TV advertising. Quaid Media wanted to engage with app developers to help them understand the potential of TV as a platform for them to promote their products. As a London-based tech PR agency that understands the mobile space, Quaid Media approached us to help them increase their B2B profile.


Quaid Media


Heighten awareness of Quaid Media in London

What we did

Event management, Marketing

What we did

As part of an ongoing programme to heighten awareness of Quaid Media, we approached Thinkbox the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK, in all its forms – broadcast, on-demand and interactive . Thinkbox has undertaken thousands of hours of research on TV and its viewers and has superb insight into why app developers should be considering Tv as a marketing channel.On April 30th, Quaid Media hosted its first ever breakfast briefing ‘Using the power of TV to promote your apps’ at The Hoxton Hotel in London. We undertook full management of the event including arranging the venue, sourcing and approaching attendees, as well as creating the invitation and Eventbrite page.

The results

With limited space, the event rapidly filled up when we announced it and Nicole Greenfield-Smith, Research Controller at Thinkbox gave some fascinating insights into the unique power of TV and how app marketers can harness its potential. We also hired a cameraman to film the event which was then edited for use on the Quaid Media website to generate inbound traffic and increase their body of content. The event was well attended by several app developers and feedback was extremely positive as it imparted new information for the attendees as to the unique qualities of TV.