Social media may be the most important channel you’re not using

We’re are not an out-and-out social media agency, so we won’t be insisting that your CEO spends hours every day Tweeting his followers, or suggest that you spend tens of thousands to create the next viral YouTube sensation. What we do brilliantly is help companies to understand the best fit for social media within the overall marketing and PR mix, in a way that doesn’t drain budgets or resources.

Social media is how the majority of people now disseminate and discover news and content. So not including social media in your PR and marketing strategy is no longer an option. We can help you maximise the benefit of social media to your business, unlocking its potential as a communications and marketing channel, and creating great content that will bring your brand to life.

Some of our work


Social Media Services

Community engagement

Build a community around your brand or product, and you have one of the most powerful advocacy tools possible. To get this right requires authenticity and responsiveness – as well as creative thinking. We have helped companies build online and offline communities, harnessing the power of fandom and turning it into word of mouth marketing.

Audience growth

With any social media marketing campaign, you need to have the right audience for your content. We work every day to connect our client’s brands with the right fans, followers and friends, and creating content that drives shares and engagement.

Working with social influencers and YouTubers

Sometimes brands want the added exposure that comes from being associated with social media celebrities. We can help you with paid placements, endorsements or game reviews, and have built our own lists of influential YouTubers for app and game launches.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitch and more

Not every social channel is right for every client. We can help you choose the right ones to fit your marketing strategy and meet your business goals.

Measurement & analytics

Effective measurement is key to any social media marketing campaign; we work with you to define the real-world outcomes that define your social media strategy, and then ensure there is a robust measurement and analysis plan in place. And to show our fun side, the charts come any colour you want.

Content creation and seeding

Effective social media is all about creating and sharing great content. Whether it’s pre-launch teasers, behind the scenes videos, photos, audio or even something physical like a giveaway or prize, we love using our creativity to build content strategies for our clients.

B2B social media marketing

As well as reaching out to consumers, sometimes businesses want to speak to their peer groups too. In fact, B2B social media can be hugely powerful due to the smaller and more focused audience – and don’t forget the value of social media for internal comms and investor relations too.