We live in a Global economy where companies that want to be successful need to expand into new markets. The Western media is full of US and European start-ups and technology companies betting their future on cracking the Chinese market. At the same time, there are many Chinese companies looking to grow their business in the West. In both cases, harnessing local expertise is essential. Companies need to successfully navigate the important cultural and business differences between the two markets and media landscapes.

This guide has been designed for Chinese companies wanting to increase their profile in business and technology press and who may not be familiar with how differently the public relations industry is viewed in the West.

This guide will give an insight into:

  • Why PR in the US and Europe is viewed as much more than media relations
  • Why effective PR is not a quick fix to a marketing problem
  • What the media expects from companies targeting Western markets
  • How to get the best value from your agency
  • How much to spend on your PR agency




  • 为什在美国和欧洲,公关比媒体关系的看待更加重要
  • 为何有效地公关不仅是临时解决营销问题
  • 媒体对针对西方国家公司的期待是什么
  • 怎样用最少的基金来得到最多的利润
  • 到底要在公关公司上花多少钱

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