We’re a close-knit team made up of copywriters, ex-journalists, tech aficionados, content strategists, SEO geeks, dog lovers, vinyl junkies – the list goes on.

So maybe not your dream dinner party guests, but pretty good to have as your B2B PR partner, right?

And our philosophy is simple.

You don’t just come up with ideas, you make them deliver measurable results.

You show, not just tell.


Who we are 1



John has 20 years of experience in technology PR and marketing, and has worked with global giants such as IBM, Vodafone and Nokia, as well as many incredibly innovative and exciting start-ups. John's skills lie in helping clients to harness digital and online marketing tools effectively, building a transition between traditional and forward-looking communications strategies, bringing creativity to his day to day work, and categorizing his large collection of vinyl.
Who we are 2



James has 20 years of B2B and B2C marketing experience (which is crazy seeing as he claims he’s only 21), and 10 of these years have been spent working at an international level within the mobile sector. James has worked alongside John longer than Ant has worked with Dec. Prior to forming Big Ideas Machine, they co-founded award-winning PR/Marketing agency dimoso.
Who we are 3


Account Director

Judit is a PR and marketing specialist with ten years of experience in communications, brand building and automation, previously working for global brands such as Amazon and Ricoh. Judit is passionate about content and storytelling, and its power to generate growth through inbound PR. And as if that isn't enough, Judit lectures at undergraduate and professional levels in her free time on topics including digital marketing, marketing automation, PPC, social media, SEO and analytics. What an overachiever, right 😉
Who we are 4


Head of Agency Development

Kirsten started out in the SaaS industry just over a decade ago, marketing super-sexy products like Helpdesk and Enterprise Content Management software for several large organisations. As a result, has uttered the words “digital transformation” more times than she cares to think about. Is now almost as obsessed with evangelising about Inbound PR as she is with true-crime podcasts. Almost.
Who we are 5


Senior Account Manager

Alex has a Masters in UX design and evaluation and 13 years experience in the games industry (*blows trumpet*). He has worn many metaphorical hats from blogger to journalist, to content marketer for and with companies including Ubisoft, Gameloft & Scopely, before winding up with us in PR. Will often credit his lack of local pop culture knowledge to “being in Japan” then, which is where he lived for 8 years.
Who we are 6


Account Executive

Jack graduated from Cardiff University where he studied Journalism and Communications, and first became romantically involved with Red Bull. Has a genuine affinity for all things tech and knowledge of the industry which is suspiciously vast beyond his years.
Who we are 7


Account Executive

Olivia has recently graduated from Durham University where she was studying Anthropology. While she is only just beginning her journey into the world of PR, she is keen to start fighting for client coverage as hard as she fights in her kickboxing and krav maga classes.


If you’re a hotshot that loves tech and is looking for the next step up in your career then we’d love to hear from you. Our inbound approach to B2B PR may be something you’ve not done before.

Of course, if you’re a bit fusty and set in your ways then best off you go with the more traditional agencies (sorry).

We’re always on the lookout for great talent so feel free to share your CV with us.